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Brilliant Desert Art, Phoenix, Arizona

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

In October 2022, I took a trip with my loving partner to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. The weather was a scrumptious 75 degrees and the air was buzzing with energy. As we entered, one of Dale Chihuly's towering creations glittered in lime green glass welcoming us (see photo below.) On the trails, couples with photographers strolled through the gardens to capture breathtaking photos among the towering cacti. We arrived an hour before dusk and the golden hour would soon be upon us. We stayed until we shut the place down and thoroughly enjoyed the views. Holy cow, I can't wait to go back.

We experienced the art of German French artist Rotraut Klein-Moquay. She is a painter and sculptor that, as the gardens pamphlet explains, "explores the energy of the seasons and the relationship of nature with the sky, sun and universe." Her sculptures are peppered throughout the desert and gleam in a variety of brilliant pigments. The curved, non-objective, towering art is so crisp and slick. They shine, glimmer and it took all of my restraint not to touch the fluid work. The brilliant colors of her artwork contrast the fall neutral color palette of the desert. Step into the gallery to view her paintings, smaller sculptures and tools she uses to create her art. If you are in the area soon, GO! Rotraut's sculptures and paintings will be on display until May 14, 2023.

And as I post this last photo of the sunset whizzing past our car window, I reflect on the beauty that is the desert. At this moment I am at home in Ohio. It's rainy and cold. All seasons are beautiful but it would be fun to close my eyes and and be transported there. To hear the crunch under my feet of the desert floor and to see the bright blue sky shining behind enormous saguaros. Bye for now, desert. I'll be back.

Thanks for reading my desert adventures. Where would you go if you could close your eyes and be transported there immediately? Would love to hear more about your place, comment below if you'd like.

Keep exploring what you love,

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