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Taiya Bukovsky's about page

Featured Artist, Taiya Bukovsky


Taiya Bukovsky

Muralist/Graphic Designer

Owner of Awol Creations

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Sydney, Sutherland Shire, Australia

Interview with Taiya

Who is Taiya Bukovsky?

A bit about me. I’m 24 and currently studying a Bachelor of Visual Communications at the University of technology Sydney. Currently residing in Sydneys South by the beautiful Cronulla beach. Not only do I love design, but I love fitness, cooking, interior design, cats and have an obsession with homewares - especially sustainable ones ! From an early age I was always super independent and liked doing things by myself. I’ve always wanted my own business and be my own boss!


Tell me about your background, where did you grow up and did you come from a family that was artistic?

Both my parents and grandparents are Russian. However, I was born here in Aus. I grew up in the suburbs of Winston Hills, but can’t live without the beach now ! There’s definitely talented artists in the family. My mum is amazing at real life and so is my grandad. My auntie, the art director of channel 10, is not only super talented but has been a huge inspiration.


Where did your art story begin?

Probably in year 11 English class, bored out of my mind. All my school books are covered in endless doodles, evolving into designs you see today.


Tell us about business, Awol Creations. How did it start and what has it brought into your life?

My first mural was along Bondi Beach’s iconic Sea wall, a free council initiative which left me buzzing and nonetheless hooked to mural painting. Since then, in early 2016, I launched my business ‘Awol Creations,’ specialising in mural painting. It has brought many opportunities, I’ve had the privilege of working with many different businesses and meeting amazing people.


What is the meaning behind your Awol Creations name?

Awol means ‘temporarily absent without leave.’ Which is how I feel when I create. The word awol resonates with me greatly, it was very fitting for my name. My designs are created whilst awol, hence awol creations.


How would you describe your style of art?

I get this question a lot and honestly don’t have one specific, definitive answer. Doodle-like, symmetrical, but also not symmetrical, pattern based, intricate linework.


How do your ideas formulate before you begin to physically create your work?

I never really plan my work, it always turns out pretty different to what I envisioned. My inspiration comes from designs or art I see, which inspires me to grab a pen and start drawing. From then, it’s usually a bunch of experimentation with doodling, which progresses into a final design.


When starting a mural or artwork, what is your process? Where do you begin and do you sketch beforehand planning the lines and colors? Take us step by step.

Usually clients will ask me for a specific pattern, which has already been designed/seen on my socials. When painting, it is all free hand and I come up with it there and then. No two patterned murals are the same. For pattern based, linework pieces I don’t plan the mural, I just go straight in. However, recently I have been designing original designs for murals.


I create because...

It makes people happy and I like that. It also makes me happy of course!


My inspiration comes from...

Nowadays, I’m not going to lie, mostly pinterest.


How has art played a role in your life?

It has given me purpose.


What are some standout points/people in your life that guided you here?

Good question. I can definitely say it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to think ‘oh maybe this isn’t for me.’ Or to question yourself. I think a huge point was when Sherie Skaines, crime preventions officer for Sutherland Shire took a chance on me. She selected me for my first commissioned piece in Caringbah, back in 2016. That moment made me realise that this might not be a hobby, it could become a career. P.S Shout out to Sherie! She is actually the best woman ever. She has done so much for me and the art community within the shire!


What is your favorite art tool to use when creating? Tell us a little about it for example; it’s history, personal connection or why you chose it to be your favorite.

The aerosol spray can! You totally feel like a wizard when you use them. Hand painting will take 50 times longer. Your design can cover a few square meters of wall in minutes. That transformation process is extremely satisfying and exciting.

Posted October 2020

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