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Featured Artist, Dawn M. Trimble


Dawn M. Trimble


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Owner of Dawn M. Trimble Art

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Interview with Dawn

Who is Dawn M. Trimble? Tell us about your background and where you grew up.


I was born in Anderson, Indiana but our family moved to Albany, Georgia when I was four years old for my fathers job. 

Where did your art story begin?  

I've always loved being creative, but thought that my creativity would express itself best through interior design and architecture.  So I followed that path in school and into my professional career.  The hint for me in hindsight was that I had always enjoyed the early conceptual work that involved creating a narrative and constructing work that supported that.  


Where did you learn your craft or how did your interest in your medium develop?  


Both my interest and craft was born in undergraduate school at Auburn during my first year of design. We were exposed to so many different and interesting ways of seeing and recording. How we communicated what we observed was part of the exploration - and I loved that.


Tell us about your art business. How did you get started and what has it brought into your life? 

I began painting in 2018 as an outlet, but stopped the next year to return to full-time work. It took being stressed and creatively unfulfilled at my 9 to 5 that turned me to back to painting.  During some evenings and on the weekend, I would paint. When I was laid off in April due to COVID, I received that as a blessing and painted more often and with focused intention. It was encouraging to me that my work resonated with others.  I had always had an entrepreneurial spirit and felt that 2020 was the year for me to see if I could grow my passion.  


Take us through your process when you are creating a new artwork. How do your ideas formulate before you begin to physically create your work? 

I love to build a piece of work or a collection around a cohesive thought or idea.  Working this way keeps me focused on what I am hoping to express and having 'rules' established helps to execute it. To get there, I will have a word or an idea in mind, and to flesh it out and build a narrative, I'll journal or blog about it. When I'm ready to paint, I will typically start with my small 4x4 birch panels or 5x7 pieces. The small pieces usually contain the "dna" of the idea I hope to communicate. 


What does creating art give you? 

I love painting because it is such a patient and reflective practice. It gives me the ability to share a part of myself.


Where does your inspiration come from? 

My inspiration is mostly rooted in my interest and passion for design and a connection to my faith.


Describe your art studio space to us.  

The most important element in my space is the natural light that fills my painting space.  The space is actually pretty small, but the natural light seems to expand the space.


What new projects or collections are you working on right now? 

In mid-February, I launched my collection, "Interstitial", so I am coming off of a bit of a rest.  My next projects are two art shows that I am excited about.  My work is currently at the Interior Design Studio and Store, Metal + Petal in Athens, Georgia. There are other exciting things in the works I'll be sharing soon...


Do you create commissioned artwork? 

I do create commissions - I love working with collectors that have something specific in mind.  For that, I can be contacted me by email.(


What are some standout points or people in your life that guided you to where you are now in your artistic life? 


My family has always encouraged and supported me.  I also have an amazing group of friends who do the same.

What is your favorite art tool to use when creating? 

Lately, I have loved using Senniler Oil Pastels with my watercolors.  They are so rich and creamy - such a nice contrast to the transparency of watercolors.


Can you refer to one of your artworks and tell us the meaning behind it and the process you went through to create it?  


In my recent collection "Interstitial", I created a series of pieces called "Within". The "Within" series focused on a joy that is quiet and content - a joy that we hold within ourselves. The colors and movement in those pieces express a serene and calm, but hopeful joy.  These would be the three 18x18 blue works and the two larger 20x40 pieces.  I was pleased with how quiet and content the pieces turned out.

Posted March 2021

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