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Rich Brown About Page

Featured Artist, Rich Brown

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Rich Brown

Studio Potter

Owner of Pottery 32

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Hogansville, Georgia, USA

Artist Statement:

Every pottery piece has a story, and each piece is created to bring joy and comfort to the user, it’s more than pottery— it’s about the relationship and experience the owner has with his or her very own, one of a kind, handmade item.

Interview with Rich

Who is Rich Brown?

I’m a was born in Jamaica,West Indies and my family and I migrated to New York when I was 3. I had a love of education for as long as I can remember, coming from a family of educators and teaching was my profession for 17 years. Three years ago I decided to take the leap of faith and decided to do pottery full time. I currently live in Georgia, with my wife Tiffany and my daughter, Autumn and Hudson my son.

Where did your art story begin?

My journey in pottery started when I saw a man on YouTube create mugs for a coffee shop. I thought it was amazing for someone to take a ball clay and turn it into that beautiful finished piece. I searched for classes in my area and found a local studio and that’s when the obsession began (lol). I started pottery when I was 32, hence the name pottery32.

Tell us about Pottery 32 and your “why” behind opening your studio.

Currently pottery32 is my private studio; however, I am currently looking for locations to open a public studio. My why for opening a studio is to share my love of clay with all who are will to explore.

What does Art mean to you? 

Art is life, it’s what keeps society moving, it’s everywhere and in everything. Art keeps us sane, it has the ability to allow us to explore and connect with all walks of life. Art is the universal language.

I create because…

I was called to do it, I have to create, it’s me.

My inspiration comes from…

People are my inspiration, when I'm creating a pottery piece I’m always thinking of form, the female form.  Beautiful, balanced and fluid.

How do your ideas formulate before you begin to physically create your work?

I usually get an idea for work randomly and I try to create the piece on the wheel. I keep it simple and trying to create the perfect shape and balanced piece no matter what I'm creating.

How has art played a role in your life? 

Art is my life, it’s my livelihood, it's how I connect to the outside world. If I am not personally creating, I’m hanging out with other artist of all mediums getting ideas or learning new techniques to incorporate with clay.

What are some standout points/people in your life that guided you here? 

I have a great community of people who have helped me get to this point. Luba and Eric from Mudfire studio and gallery in Georgia got me started on this journey and have helped me ever since and are my biggest inspiration to realize living as a clay artist can be a reality.

What is your favorite art tool to use when creating? Tell us a little about it for example; it’s history, personal connection or why you chose it to be your favorite.

Favorite tools are wooden rib that’s on the wonderful shirt that I received from Your Threads and my clay opener that I make out of pvc, it saves my fingers and always gives me a consistent bottom with my pieces.

Posted October 2020

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