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About Your Threads

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Jane McKenzie


Owner & Curator of Your Threads

Art Educator

A note from Jane:

Hello, artists! My name is Jane McKenzie and I'm the founder and creator of Your Threads online art community. Our purpose is to develop an online space where creatives can gather and be inspired by each other. Click through our site and discover featured artists' stories, recommended podcasts and our blog


This passion project has been a work in progress for many years and I wake up everyday excited to connect with new artists like you and to share creativity with the world!



About the Founder, Jane McKenzie

Jane has been an artist her whole life and works in a variety mediums. She comes from a family linage of artisans that include carpenters, miniature home makers, tool and die makers, photographers and seamstresses. Jane loves to create in any medium that inspires her and is always up for taking an art class and learning a new medium and skill.

Jane graduated from Ohio University with a BFA in Art Education specializing in ceramics and sculpture. She was an elementary Art teacher for nine years in the Chicago suburbs and loved working with her students. For a number of years, Jane also had her own kiln and pottery wheel in the basement of her home. She thoroughly enjoyed creating with clay for hours and getting lost in the art making process. Since leaving the classroom in 2016, she has become a student of art and has relished in taking classes in metal jewelry making, screen printing and teaching herself graphic design. 


Jane has always enjoyed talking to other artists about their art making processes. She found herself following artists on instagram, pouring over their work and wondering about how their art style developed, what steps they took to create their artwork and what their art studios looked like. Jane reached out to these artists and started interviewing them through email. She researches them, learns about their art and caters the interview to who they are as artists. You will see these artists featured on this website as well as social media. Jane is honored to share their stories with you, please click here to learn more about featured artists. Your Threads online community also shares recommended podcasts and resources for artists, art educators, creatives and art entrepreneurs on this site as well as on social media. Browse thru the site, enjoy and please join the community through facebook, instagram and Linkedin

The Your Threads name represents the threads that run thorough your creative life. The path that you take in your journey of art making tells a story that is unique to you, your artistry and talent.  

Thank you for being here and...Creatives Unite!

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