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Podcasts for Creatives

Brush Strokes.jpeg

Brush Strokes with Jenny

Jenny Schneck is an professional artist and the owner of Bleu Palette Art Studio. In this podcast, Jenny helps you discover and embrace your full potential as an artist and as a human. She covers topics on conquering creative anxiety, creating art with childlike freedom and also shares stories of her own creative journey. You will be hooked after one episode when you find yourself nodding your head or laughing with Jen and wanting to create art while listening. 

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Cassie Stephens

Host Cassie Stephens is an artist, author and art teacher extraordinaire. Her podcast covers all things art teacherin' in the art classroom from textile lessons, teacher evaluations, finding your art teacher identity and more. Cassie is hilarious, down to earth and is so real and honest about teaching and life that you will immediately have a friend in Cassie.


The Potters Cast

Paul Blais is the host and founder of the Potters Cast. He is a potter himself and creates and sells his functional ceramics. He interviews ceramicists from around the world and his conversations are enlightening and inspiring. Paul dives deep into the inner workings of artists' lives and talks about their artistic journeys with clay. Episode linked is with Chris Burch who is also a YT featured artist.


One Love Art Sessions

One Love Art Sessions is the brainchild of long time friends and artists, James Jacobsen (JMSLJAY) and Candido Crespo (Crespo). What initially began as a pact to produce a pop up art exhibition later, with the help of the pandemic, transformed into live virtual events and ultimately a podcast. One Love’s goal is to promote community and artistic expression through thematic and personal conversations with artists across the globe.  They aim to raise awareness and increase appreciation, by bringing our listeners closer to the artist.



Artist, curator, founder and host Kaylan Buteyn interviews working artists who are mothers. Here they talk about their art practices, their aesthetic, work experiences, education and the journey they have taken in their artistic lives. The podcast has also grown into a community that supports women artists through exhibitions, publications, retreats and a crit group program. Listen to their podcast and join their community. 


Goal Digger

Jenna's informative and upbeat podcast is full of business and life advice for creative entrepreneurs. Jenna was a wedding photographer in Wisconsin before starting her business educating creatives on how to start their own businesses. She shares her wisdom, experience and business advice in every episode so make sure you have a notebook handy when listening. 


After The Jump

In 2014, host Gracey Bonney shared with us a plethora of episodes that introduced us to various working artists around the world. Some of her interviews include interior designer Genevieve Gorder, artist Lisa Congdon and ceramicist Molly Hatch. In 2018, she created a follow up series to her first podcast called "Good Company" where she continues to explore the creative lives of artists. 


Everyday Art Room

The Art of Education University brings you this podcast that offers advice, ideas and stories from the exciting world of elementary art education. Everyday Art Room interviews art teachers and they discuss using art to help communities, designing a classroom both physically and digitally and finding inspiration to create.


Art Ed Radio

The Art of Education University brings you the perfect podcast for art educators. Episodes include discussions about teaching in the art classroom including tips for online teaching, cultivating creativity in our students and making art outdoors. They cover the most important topics in art education today, take a listen.

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The Lisa Congdon Sessions

Lisa Congdon is a fine artist, entrepreneur, teacher, illustrator, author and blogger who resides in Portland, Oregon. She is known for her colorful graphic artworks and hand lettering. In this podcast, Lisa shares her journey as an artist including the creative process, creating work boundaries, showing up and the importance of self-love. She also invites a few guests to share their stories as well.

the maker's playbook.webp

The Maker's Playbook

Artist and podcast host Rebecca Ickes Carra has honest conversations with artists about what it's like to be a working artist. They chat about taking risks, photographing your work, creating a balance between art and life and the "meat and potatoes" of business and sales. Read about Rebecca's story and learn the stories of incredible artists.   

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