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Music Transforms. Walk Off The Earth

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I was standing in my bathroom, finishing brushing my teeth and all of a sudden I was gone. Pressed play on my phone, listened and then left myself and ended up in the musicians garage singing, watching, enthralled. I snapped back to see my countertop and sink and realized I had momentarily left and it was bliss. Times like these need to be repeated over and over in life. They are part of the human experience.

Art of all kinds does this to me. When I get so involved that my current surroundings, I disappear and I move into another world. Today it was the band Walk Off the Earth with Myles & Isaac covering Adele's incredible song "Hello." So dreamy, ethereal and mystical. Their talent is extreme and I've watched this a number of times observing each band member's artistic talent and role. At about the 3:30 minute mark, they really start to relax, move more freely and are having SO MUCH FUN! Look at their faces, their bodies, their energy! If you could encapsulate it, you could power cities! And before you know it, here I am standing in the bathroom cheering like a maniac because they are doing it! They are making it to the end!

Through the creation of this masterpiece, I imagine them holding each other up with encouragement and persistence through practices, working out the different instruments for each part and then finally pressing the record button. And because of their love of music and their grit, they have given us the opportunity to enjoy their talent in so many transformative ways. Thank you a million times over, Walk Off the Earth!

Let their artwork be your ticket to invest in things that get you excited and that make you feel alive!

What form of art makes you transform? Share with me in the comments section. I would love to know how and when it happens to you.


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Thank you for being here and until next time,


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