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Clay Summer Class

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

This summer I stepped into the clay studio and didn't want to leave. I signed up to teach 3 weeks of clay to students ages 6-12 at a local art center. I spent weeks preparing, creating clay projects at home on my card table aka studio table and got familiar with the art center and all the new glazes, tools and space.

My niece, pictured here with me in the clay studio, signed up for the class as well. This was a BIG deal for us because before this time, we lived 6 hours driving time away from each other and this was the first time I could be her teacher! It was so fun to have her in class.

In the camp, we made pinch pot monsters, wall hanging paintbrushes, coiled cupcakes and textured, tile wall hangings for flowers. The other projects you see that are greenware clay are projects that I made but didn't teach. These include penguins, hanging mobile rainbow with raindrops (that need to be attached with string) and a chameleon on a leaf. The chameleon lesson is from Cassie Stephens and can be found on her Youtube in the link below.

***And whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the phone! There was a tool that I was unaware existed! It makes scoring and slipping so easy and magical. It is the serrated metal rib that you see in the gallery above. GAME CHANGER. Make your life easy peasy & order them here through Blick. Link below.

Class was fun, exciting and made me want to dive into some clay projects at home. Clay summer class, adjourned!


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Thank you for being here and until next time,

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