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About Your Threads

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Jane McKenzie


Owner & Curator of Your Threads

Art Educator

A note from Jane:

Hello, artists! My name is Jane McKenzie and I'm the founder and creator of Your Threads online art community. Our purpose is to develop an online space where creatives can gather and be inspired by each other. Click through our site and discover featured artists' stories, recommended podcasts, our blog and Etsy shop that sells art t-shirts for artists designed by me! 


This passion project has been a work in progress for many years and I wake up everyday excited to connect with new artists like you and to share creativity with the world!



About the Founder, Jane McKenzie

Jane has been an artist her whole life and works in a variety mediums. She comes from a family linage of artisans that include carpenters, miniature home makers, tool and die makers, photographers and seamstresses. Jane loves to create in any medium that inspires her and is always up for taking an art class and learning a new medium and skill.


Jane graduated from Ohio University with a BFA in Art Education specializing in ceramics and sculpture. She was an elementary art teacher for nine years in the Chicago suburbs and loved working with her students. In 2016, while on vacation in Melbourne, Australia, Jane volunteered at a screen printing class at Handmaker's Factory art studio and got the screen printing bug. When she was back in the US, she took a screen printing class at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, Illinois. There she learned about burning images into screens and printing onto fabric. She was inspired by the process of making many copies of one design onto an endless amount of shirts and materials.

In 2018, Jane was reading Art group conversations on social media when she realized that there was a need for apparel for art teachers and artists to wear. This was a lightbulb moment and she immediately sketched ideas for art t-shirt designs. At first she collaborated with graphic designers to make the first designs but soon realized she had an interest in graphic design and decided to learn about graphic arts. With the encouragement of her partner Adam (who is a photographer & documentary filmmaker), she bought an ipad, apple pencil and the procreate app. YouTube became her teacher and through the years she has continued to create the designs that have become Your Threads apparel. In the fall of 2020, Jane officially released Your Threads out into the world and is excited every day to have the opportunity to work and connect with artists. 


Jane has always enjoyed talking to other artists about their art making processes. She found herself following artists on instagram, pouring over their work and wondering about how their art style developed, what steps they took to create their artwork and what their art studios looked like. Jane reached out to these artists and started interviewing them through email. She researches them, learns about their art and caters the interview to who they are as artists. You will see these artists featured on this website as well as social media. Jane is honored to share their stories with you, please click here to learn more about featured artists. Your Threads online community also shares recommended podcasts and resources for artists, art educators, creatives and art entrepreneurs on this site as well as on social media. Browse thru the site, enjoy and please join the community through facebook, instagram and Linkedin

The name Your Threads has three meanings: 

One: The idea was born reading the "threads" of artists and art teachers on social media.

Two: The threads of your story that you weave throughout your creative life.

Three: The physical threads that the shirt is made with that carries you through your creative life.


It was also very important that Your Threads produce goods that are friendly to the earth. The graphic images on shirts will be printed on 100% cotton in the United States with eco-friendly water based inks. We are a part of the eco packaging alliance so all of our items ship in eco-friendly packaging. Learn more by clicking the highlighted link. Browse our Etsy shop by clicking this link.

Creatives Unite!

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